Saturday, July 25, 2009

You have Moved an Icon on Your Desktop

Your computer must be restarted for the change to take effect.

We used to joke about Windows 95 and it’s ridiculous reboot requirements.  The line we used was:

“You have moved an icon on your desktop. Windows must be restarted for the change to take effect.”

Those were not the days, and I thought that they were pretty much over.

Apparently not:


I can’t think of any circumstances where a reboot should be necessary to complete the installation of application software. That was last century. I’m OK with reboots for things like kernel updates, firmware updates, and perhaps even driver updates.

But a browser?

It’s possible that the reboot is being forced by non-Mozilla browser add ons – I don’t have any way of knowing. But if an add on to an application can force the application to force the operating system to reboot, then the application and OS design are both defective.


  1. You could say the same about browser extensions - why do we need to restart Firefox after extensions are installed?

    And why does my copy of Firefox lose my extensions settings whenever it's updated - it's a PITA!

  2. I get similarly frustrated with Windows and restarts.
    The hosting company I work for started offering a new managed backup solution which I've had only peripheral involvement in.
    Orders started coming in and I merrily set about doing installs only to discover that for the Windows agent to work I had to reboot their server. Customers always love it when you have to reboot their servers. In my experience, often times when Windows says you need to reboot you don't so I did my best to bypass it but even the Backup software's Windows service wouldn't start and without logging anything helpful in Event Manager, so it had to be rebooted.

    I'm so glad my role focusses on *nix based stuff and we have a dedicated Windows server guy. I think I'd go prematurely grey if I had to keep working on windows boxes.