Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tipping Point Vulnerability Disclosures–IBM Incompetence?

Last August, Tipping Point decided to publically disclose vulnerabilities six months after vendor notification. The six months is up.

Take a look at the IBM’s vulnerability list and actions taken to resolve the vulnerabilities. If you don’t feel like reading the whole list, the snip below pretty much sums it up:

[08/26/2008] ZDI reports vulnerability to IBM
[08/26/2008] IBM acknowledges receipt
[08/27/2008] IBM requests proof of concept
[08/27/2008] ZDI provides proof of concept .c files
[07/12/2010] IBM requests proof of concept again and inquires as to version affected
[07/13/2010] ZDI acknowledges request
[07/14/2010] ZDI re-sends proof of concept .c files
[07/14/2010] IBM inquires regarding version affected
[07/19/2010] IBM states they are unable to reproduce and asks how to compile the proof of concept
[07/19/2010] ZDI replies with instructions for compiling C and command line usage
[01/10/2011] IBM states they are unable to reproduce and requests proprietary crash dump logs

Tipping Point: Two Thumbs Up.

IBM: Two and a half years. Still no clue.

What IBM’s executive layer needs to know is that people like me read about the failure of their software development methodology in one division and assume that the incompetence spans their entire organization. That may not be fair – IBM is a big company and it’s highly likely that some/most software development groups within IBM are capable/competent. However – if one group is allowed to flounder/fail, then it’s clear to me that software quality is not receiving sufficient attention high enough within IBM to ensure that all software development groups are capable/competent. If some/most software developed within IBM is of high quality, it’s because some/most software development groups believe in doing the right thing. It’s not because IBM believes in doing the right thing.

In other news, IBM’s local sales team is aggressively pushing for me to switch our entire Unix/Database infrastructure from Solaris/Oracle on SPARC to AIX/DB2 on Power.

Guess what my next e-mail to their sales team is going to reference?

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