Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blog: Resurrect or Die?

This blog has been idle since 2012. Does anyone care?

Like many, I let this blog die. I think that’s happened for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional.


Most of what I was posting was clearly not going to make any difference to myself or anyone else. Posts that announce [random software] has [random vulnerability] could just as well have been machine generated. The state of software security is at best, marginally better than it was a handful of years ago, and some random guy blogging about it isn’t gong to change that.

A few posts were and are still relevant. No matter what I do, I’ll maintain access to those.


Having more than one open Oracle Sev 1’s per team member was brutal. We were in a situation where a small handful of us were working a seven-day pace for months. A few months of that and I was more than ready to back off from my immersion in technology and recuperate a bit. Hobbies got more interesting, and being able to disconnect from 24x7 operational responsibilities was essential.


Having multiple layers of leadership turnover simultaneously created a work environment that was unpredictable and chaotic. Uncertainty affected staff moral, working environment went from stressful but fun, to simply stressful. I got a new boss, and along with that a significant job change. 

Blogging is dead

Of the hundred-odd  blogs that were in my RSS feed, only a handful are being maintained. The center of gravity has shifted. I miss following bloggers – as well formed, thoughtful ‘long form’ writing still interests me far more than short, disconnected 140 character messages.

So – let die gracefully, resurrect, or something in between?


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  1. I'm with you ... well written blogs are a lot more interesting to me than short bursts of mostly uselessness. After Google Reader (and whatever I was using before it) shut down (still not sure why) I guess I just lost interest in keeping up with everyone. Most of it didn't apply to me anyway and I was happy to not have the burden of keeping up with hundreds of blogs a week. I had mine organized by day ... I checked a certain subset on Monday, a certain subset on Tuesday, etc.

    I've checked on some of my favorites throughout the years but they've all died off, unfortunately. The new sysadmins today don't know what they're missing out on.

    As far as a direction for your blog, I say do whatever makes you happy. You don't want it to become a chore or a burden .... if a new post fits into the day's schedule then go for it.