Comcast Internet Essentials - Low Cost Internet

Comcast is bringing their ‘Internet Essentials’ to our local service area. Under this program, families who qualify for free school lunches are eligible for $10/month internet from Comcast.

Kudo’s to Comcast.

What do & have in common?

Down for maintenance. Hacked…pwned…rooted…

Can you imagine the holy shitstorm that the Linux fanboys would be flinging out the door if this had happened to Microsoft?

The root cause analysis on these will be interesting reads.

HP Drops State of the Art Tablet, Re-Introduces Antique Calculator

HP’s Touchpad Tablets are dead. HP’s RPN calculators are back.

What’s next, single pen flatbed plotters?

BTW- I must be old. I still have an HP 11C…

…and I remember when we upgraded our single pen flatbed plotter to a state of the art 6 pen moving paper plotter complete with automatic pen selection. Instead of the plotter stopping and waiting for you to switch from the black pen to the red pen, the plotter would automagically put the black pen back into the carousel and pick up the red pen.

We were impressed. hacked…

The message from is consistent with the message from pretty much everyone that gets hacked. 
  • Don’t worry
  • Be happy
  • We know what we are doing
  • Everything is Ok

I’ll be looking forward to something resembling ‘full disclosure’. It should be an interesting read.