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A new means of releasing software

From a recent conversation with a colleague, I learned that worms have been around a lot longer than I imagined:. JOHN WALKER JANUARY 1975 . . . THIS PROGRAM IS A TOTALLY NEW WAY OF DISTRIBUTING VERSIONS OF . SOFTWARE THROUGHOUT THE 1100 SERIES USER COMMUNITY. PREVIOUS . METHODS REQUIRED THE DELIBERATE AND PLANNED INTERCHANGE OF . TAPES, CARD DECKS, OR OTHER TRANSFER MEDIA. THE ADVENT OF . 'PERVADE' PERMITS SOFTWARE TO BE RELEASED IN SUCH A MANNER THAT . IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU UP AND ASKS FOR A VERSION OF A PROCESSOR, . VERY LIKELY YOU CAN TELL THEM THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE IT, MUCH . TO THEIR OWN SURPRISE.Self replicating software a decade before the Morris worm.Cool.One thing that I keep in the back of my mind is that even with nearly 30 years of computing experience, I’m still a newbie. There is a vast body of knowledge and experience that precedes me, and much of that is locked away in the archives of the minds of the brilliant people who invented the …