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O Broadband, Broadband, Wherefore Art Thou Broadband?

The FCC Chairman wants faster broadband. Perhaps as much as 100Mbps to 100 million households (out of about 115 million total households).Google wants to see what happens if we have Gigabit to the home. They could ask University students. Gigabit to the dorm room isn’t unusual. Instead they’ll wire a community or two and try to figure it out themselves. (What they’ll find is that when you have gigabit to your residence, you plug in a wireless access point, step it down to 50Mbps and share it with your friends). Broadband deployment is rising, but only 2/3rds of households have it.
Some people don’t want broadband. Others want it but can’t afford it.
Some people can’t have it. I’ve taught network management courses at a nearby community college the last couple years, and each semester I have at least one student who can’t get terrestrial service at ‘better than dial-up’ speeds at any price. The students live within an easy commute of a  metro area with 2.5 million people.Something’s w…

Payroll Processor Hacked, Bank Accounts Exposed

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:“A hacker attack at payroll processing firm Ceridian Corp. of Bloomington has potentially revealed the names, Social Security numbers, and, in some cases, the birth dates and bank accounts of 27,000 employees working at 1,900 companies nationwide”A corporation gets hacked, ordinary citizens get screwed. It happens so often that it’s hardly news. This is interesting to me because Ceridian is a local company and the local media picked up the story. That’s a good thing. I’m glad our local media is still able to hire professional journalists. The executives of a company that fail like that need to read about themselves in their local paper and watch themselves on the evening news. They might learn something. If we’re lucky, the hack might even get mentioned at the local country club and the exec’s might get a second glance from the other suits.We aren’t that lucky.In a follow up story, the Star Tribune interviewed a man who claims that he has not had…