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Card skimmers at a supermarket chain – Inside job?

From the Mercury News (via ars technica):“Further evaluation uncovered an extra computer board that had been placed inside the checkout machine, recording customers' financial information.”So…how did a skimmer get inside the checkout machine? I’ve never been in a Lucky Supermarket, but the places that I frequent that have self check-out lanes all have employees watching the lanes and presumably have security camera coverage.These aren’t unattended ATM machines or gas pumps monitored by a harried convenience store cashier who has five other customers waiting to check out, so one would think that adding electronics to the inside of the checkout machine would be a detectable event. The company CFO doesn’t think it’s an inside job though: “Although the skimmers at Lucky's stores were apparently installed inside the checkout units, Ackerman said the company doesn't suspect an inside job”Interesting.