Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swatting – New Use for Internet Phones

This one is new to me. Call 911 from an Internet phone, faking the caller ID for a random address on the other side of the country. Then pretend to be the victim of a killer on a rampage and have the local SWAT team dispatched to an innocent persons house.

…a new kind of telephone fraud that exploits a weakness in the way the 911 system handles calls from Internet-based phone services. The attacks — called "swatting" because armed police SWAT teams usually respond…

Sounds useful. You can annoy your neighbors by having the police bust down their doors with a battering ram -  right from the comfort of your local coffee shop. With the help of online maps, you can probably make it pretty realistic  - ‘he’s in the back yard behind the big tree….wait…he’s coming toward the back door…’.

…fake calls about a workplace shooting included realistic gunshot sounds and moaning in the background…

Beats the heck out of using spoofed caller ID to sent bogus pizza deliveries to your ex-girlfriends.

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