Friday, June 19, 2009

No, I Don’t Want iTunes Installed. You can quit asking.

I don’t like software vendors that try to sneak software onto my computers. I really don’t like software vendors that don’t pay attention to my requests to not run in the background at startup.

This evening I came home and saw the Apple Software Update popped up on my Vista desktop:


Problem one: iTunes is check marked by default. I don’t want iTunes. I don’t need iTunes. And I don’t like having software vendors try to sneak  software onto my computers.  This isn’t unique to Vista. Apple does the same thing on OS X. It’s annoying enough that I’ll probably uninstall Quicktime and throw away the $29 that I paid for it.

Problem two: I specifically instructed Apple’s Quicktime to not automatically update, and I specifically have disabled the Quicktime service from running at startup, but somehow it ran anyway.

 Apple-Update-1 Quicktime-startup

I’ve also checked the Software Explorer in Windows Defender and the ‘Run’ registry keys for Apple related startup programs & didn’t find any. I’d sure like to know what’s triggering the Apple updater so I can nuke it.

Something makes me think that the only way I’ll get rid of this malware infestation is to search and destroy all Apple related registry keys.


  1. Finally! Somebody else that hates this as much as I do! How about the annoying Quicktime icon on the desktop - has anyone ever clicked that? And Safari always putting the icon fresh on my desktop, and never giving me an option to say "keep your screen bloat to yourself." How does this not generate a louder outcry? Its like they're the bizarro-Apple when it comes to UX-friendliness on Windows.

  2. If I remember correctly, the Apple auto-update is run from Scheduled Tasks. If you're having troubles finding where something is starting up, by the way, try AutoRuns from Sysinternals.

    - Jeff McJunkin

  3. Jeff - Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't have thought to look there. Having that sort of thing in the scheduler is a good idea. I'd rather see that than a daemon running a startup.

    Eric - I've got an unpolluted desktop also (7 icons), and like to keep it that way. That's a problem for almost all apps though.

  4. I totally agree! In my case, the Apple updater software wants me to install Safari. I do not want Safari, and consider it very bad practice to attempt a stealth install of some random piece of Apple software.

    Shame on Apple!

  5. Check the Itunes and Safafi boxes then go to the Tools menu, and select the option to disable updates for checked items.

  6. Ben -

    I've done that, but as far as I can tell, that only suppresses that particular update (version 8.2). As soon as 8.2.1 or 8.3 comes out, It'll show up again, and unless I clear the checkbox, It'll get installed.

    I've been suppressing iTunes updates on my Mac for a year now, and they keep coming back. On my Air I don't even have iTunes installed, and I've suppressed a whole bunch of iTunes re-installation attempts.

  7. Try uninstalling the Bonjour service from your computer from add/remove programs.

  8. Quicktime and Realplayer are the most pesky.If you view running processes in Task Manager, you can see them running even though you have specifically said you don't want the program checking for updates.

    autoruns from MS sysinternals is quite handy to disable these, however the entries keep returning - I suspect everytime you use them.