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It is a Platform or a Religion?

Blog posts like this annoy me. "Anyone who was ever fool enough to believe that Microsoft software was good enough to be used for a mission-critical operation..."I’m annoyed enough to keep that link in my ‘ToBlog’ notebook for over a year. That’s annoyed, ‘eh? Apparently the system failed and the blogger decided that all failed systems that happen to be running on Windows fail because they run on windows. A word from the blind. I've been known as 'anti-Microsoft', having had a strong preference for Netware and Solaris on the server side and OS/2 & Solaris on desktops. At home I went for half to a decade without an MS product anywhere in the house. Solaris on SunRays with Star Office made for great low energy, low maintenance home desktops that ran forever. My anti-Microsoft attitude changed a bit with NT4 SP3, which even though it had a badly crippled UI, was robust enough to replace my OS/2 desktop at work. My real work still got done on Solaris though. …

Feel kind of sorry for the sysadmins at Barnes & Nobel right now

It looks like they are having a bad day.

Do you suppose there were more shiny new Nooks brought into service than what their system could handle? Figure that last months sales were mostly wrapped for xmas and left idle until last night or this morning, and most of those are being booted and registered in a 24 hour window. A shiny new Nook isn't much fun without books...

...adds up to a rough day for them.

I've been there, as have many of you. ---

ToBlog Dump – Time to Clean House

Geeze – Even after periodic culling, I still have twenty+ notes in Google Notebook, fifty-odd notes in Ubernote, and a whole bunch of Google Reader starred items, all waiting to be turned into blog posts. Ain’t gonna happen. Time to clean house. I’ll dump the most interesting ones into a few posts & cull the rest.Obviously tracking this sort of thing would be better served by a bookmarking service, but I’ve decided that my professional Internet presence will be Google and Google related apps. I use a combination of Yahoo & for things that I don’t want associated with my professional presence, and I try hard not to mix them. The only interesting bookmark service is a Yahoo property (for now, at least) so I don’t have a public bookmarking service. Lame? Yes. I don’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts either. Really lame. Maybe even lame2. I still would rather read blogs posts than tweets. Is that lame3 ?Disclaimer – most of these links are more than a year old, but they’v…

Thomas Limoncelli: Ten Software Vendor Do’s and Don’ts

From a panel discussion at a recent CHIMIT (Computer-Human Interaction for Management of Information Technology), summarized and published at the Association for Computing Machinery. A good read, right through the comments.Thomas covers non-GUI, scripted and unattended installation, administrative interfaces, API’s, config files, monitoring, data restoration, logging, vulnerability notification, disk management, and documentation. The comments cover more. Comments on the above:API’s: In our latest RFP’s, we ask ‘What percentage of your application functionality is exposed via API’s?’ These can RFP’s can have an $8-digit tail on them, so odds are that they actually read them. I like sending messages to vendors.Installation layout, location: I really like non-OS software to be completely contained in something like /opt/<application>. I don’t like third party software mucking up /etc, /var, or /usr. When I’m done with the software, I want to be able to pkgrm and rm –rf and have a …

Wireless Bandwidth Management

We know what some people are thinking: We run a fair sized network (2Gbps inbound during the day). If we didn’t have aggressive bandwidth management, either it wouldn’t function or we wouldn’t be able to afford it.We don’t charge extra for YouTube though.

When the weather map look like this….

Odds are the traffic map will look something like this:
I’m sure there is a parallel between the DOS attacks that mother nature periodically foists us and internet security. I’ll take a stab at describing the parallels. Predictability: Snow storms and hurricanes are very predictable (compared to tornadoes, where one has 0-10 minutes warning and rarely has accurate predictions). It is possible to prepare for weather that can be predicted. In certain regions, snow storms or hurricanes are a high enough probability event that you will certainly experience them. The probability of a major snow storm  hitting my house in a particular winter is close enough to ‘one’ that it might as well be ‘one’. Tornadoes, on the other hand, even though there are dozens per year in my region, are localized enough that I probably will never experience a direct hit on my house.I might tend to be prepared for a predictable event (snow storm), but rest assured that I have not taken any significant precautions …

“There is nothing the governments can do to put the genie back into the bottle”

From Paul Homer’s The Effects of Computers:The “rich and powerful” are rich and powerful precisely because they have access to information that the rest of us don’t have.And – once you give people the power to access the information:“There is nothing the governments can do to put the genie back into the bottle”Wikileaks related. A good read.