Sun/Oracle Finally Announces ZFS Data Loss Bug

If you’ve got a Sun/Oracle support login, you can read that an "Abrupt System Reboot may Lead to ZFS Filesystem Data Integrity Issues" on all Solaris kernels up through April 2010.

“Data written to a Solaris ZFS filesystem and confirmed by fsync(3C) may be lost in the event of an abrupt system reboot.”

This announcement came too late for us though.

If I am a customer of an ‘enterprise’ vendor with millions of dollars of that vendors hardware/software and hundreds of thousands in annual maintenance costs, I expect that vendor will proactively alert me of storage related data loss bugs. I don’t think that’s too much to expect, as vendors with which I do far less business with have done so for issues of far less consequence.

Sun failed.

Hopefully Oracle will change how incidents like this are managed.