Somewhere in the OraBorg, an RSS feed is being updated

It’s Tuesday. My pre-OraBorg Google reader subscription shows a stream of security updates. Looks pretty bad:

Wow – there are security vulnerabilities Mozilla 1.4, ImageMagick, a2ps, umount & a slew of other apps. I’d better kick our patch management process into high gear. It’s time to dig into these and see which ones need escalation.

Clicking on the links leads to sunsolve, the go-to place for all things Solaris. Sunsolve redirects to has no clue what to do with the re-direct.

Bummer… I’d better do some serious research. GoogleResearch, of course:

2004, 2005, 2006…WTF???

Conclusion: Oracle is asking us sysadmins to patch five year old vulnerabilities. They must think that this will keep us from whining about their current pile of sh!t.

Diversion. Good plan. The borg would be proud.

One last (amusing) remnant of the absorption of Sun into to OraBorg.