2009 Year End Summary

I started out 2009 insinuating that hardware isn't always cheaper than programmers. That post attracted scant attention until a few months later when it showed up on Dzone, Ycombinator and Reddit.

Apparently annoying programmers is one way to attract attention to your blog.

This ended up being a demonstration of the short  attention span of that type of social media. The flurry subsided within a day or so. I'll admit that I took screen shots - just in case I don't get the other 14.5 minutes of fame.

One thing I disliked about the link-ins from those services is that the comments and discussion took place largely in the social media services rather that on the blog.

Similar attention was given to posts on Resume building consultants and Continuous Deployment. John Allspaw commented on how continuous deployment is used at Flickr. Forget the post. Read the comments.

In Cargo Cult Systems Administration I attempted to describe cases where system administration might really be cargo cult.

I'm pretty paranoid about privacy. It's not  hard to see where we are going with privacy (or the lack thereof).

Other potentially interesting posts from 2009:
Throughout year 2009 my 2008 availability and structure system management related posts seemed to do quite well also:
As in 2008, I also attempted humor. As with 2008's attempt, the 2009 humor attempt also failed.