Friday, October 31, 2008

Amusing log messages

I give Cisco credit for fully documenting firewall log messages. In theory this gives users the ability to set up a system for catching interesting log messages and ignoring uninteresting messages. More vendors should be so bold as to actually acknowledge that their products log messages, and that those messages need to be documented.

This level of disclosure has an interesting side effect. I'm not sure what I'd do if one of our ASA's  logged this error:
Error Message    %ASA-2-716515:internal error in: function: OCCAM failed to 
allocate memory for AK47 instance
Explanation    The OCCAM failed to allocate memory for the AK47 instance.
Or this error:
Error Message    %ASA-2-716508: internal error in: function: Fiber scheduler is scheduling 
rotten fiber. Cannot continuing terminating
Explanation    The fiber scheduler is scheduling rotten fiber, so it cannot continue terminating. 

Fiber rot?

An AK47 instance?

No doubt those messages mean something to someone  at the TAC. For the rest of us, they are mostly just amusing.


  1. When I read those, I get nostalgic for the days when error code documentation would tell you something other than what the error message says. If I went to Cisco's site to find an explanation for an error code (and I sometimes do), I'd like to get a better explanation for an "ASA-2-716515:internal error in: function: OCCAM failed to allocate memory for AK47 instance" message than, "The OCCAM failed to allocate memory for the AK47 instance."

    Yeah, thanks for that. Makes me glad I took the time to look it up.

  2. Oracle wizards amaze me sometimes. I was in Oracle training once and our instructor challenged us to give her an Oracle error message she didn't know.

    I think maybe two or three got her, out of 15 or 20.

    They're pretty easy to google, but this site is pretty fantastic

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