NAC or Rootkit - How Would I know?

I show up for a meeting, flip open my netbook and start looking around for a wireless connection. The meeting host suggests an SSID. I attach to the network and get directed to a captive portal with an ‘I agree’ button. I press the  magic button an get a security warning dialogue.

NAC-Rootkit It looks like the network is NAC’d. You can’t tell that from the dialogue though. ‘Impluse Point LLC’ could be a NAC vendor or a malware vendor. How would I know? If I were running a rouge access point and wanted to install a root kit, what would it take to get people to run the installer?  Probably not much. We encourage users  to ignore security warnings.

Anyway – it was amusing. After I switched to my admin account and installed the ‘root kit’ service agent and switched back to my normal user, I got blocked anyway. I’m running Windows 7 RC without anti-virus. I guess NAC did what it was supposed to do. It kept my anti-virus free computer off the network.

I’d like someone to build a shim that fakes NAC into thinking I’ve got AV installed. That’d be useful.